Backyard Putting Greens and Synthetic Golf Turf for Alabama

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All of FusionTurf's surface products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

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Synthetic Turf Council Certifed for our manufacturing processes.

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Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty covers your investment.

Great Job! Thanks so much!


~ Janice H… – Hattiesburg, MS 2017

“Thank you so much for making my backyard livable again!  The landscape products you installed are so beautiful, no more mud under my big trees and no more mud in my house from the dogs.  Speaking of dogs, they love it!”


Fantastic job! I love it!


~ Scott W… – Philadelphia, PA 2019

“Hey guys, just wanted so say thank you!  You guys did a fantastic job and I’ll be using it tonight.  It rolls soooo true and there are so many different kinds of putts. I love it!  My backyard is open to you if you would like to show it in the future. ”


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Backyard Putting Greens and Synthetic Golf Turf for Alabama.

From Huntsville to Orange Beach and Columbus to Tuscaloosa, we LOVE OUR GOLF and cover all of Alabama (literally) with FusionTurf Artificial Turf for Putting Greens.  FusionTurf synthetic lawn and artificial turf products are not just another pretty face.  Sure, a backyard putting green made of artificial turf can make your home the neighborhood show case but if that synthetic lawn doesn’t roll true then that’s all it does, look pretty.  At FusionTurf we’ve supplied more installations than we can count, from small corner greens to help get rid of the yips to truly magnificent multi-thousand square foot commercial installations.  Our nationwide army of installers have the experience to create nuances in the roll and grade of your new backyard putting green that will test even the best “money putter” in your foursome.  Our FusionPUTT SPEED turf is the undeniable champion of the Stimpmeter, clocking 10-12 ratings wherever we install it. Our FusionPUTT PRIME padded back products catch and hold chips and approach shots like fly paper and putt just as true with Stimpmeter ratings in the 7-9 range depending on installation.   FusionTurf doesn’t stop there though, with a full range of synthetic lawn and artificial turf golf surfaces, we can satisfy your requirements for everything around the green as well.  FusionCHIP, FusionBUNKER, and FusionFRINGE products can not only beautify your backyard but extend the playability of your new backyard putting green and turn it into a true practice facility.   Get a FusionTurf putting green installed today and watch your friends install one tomorrow.  Trust us.  All your friends will want one as soon as they see your included custom pin flags and they start losing bets on Sundays.  Check out our FAQ section below to see more about FusionTurf.

Just a Few of Our Fusion Turf Golf Products.


As one of our premier putting surfaces, this product is ideal for varied putting activities and practice around the green.  The longer pile cut is perfect for shorter chip shots and is perfect receiving longer shots from our FusionFRINGE product line. more…

  • Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer –  Nylon

  • Yarn Cross Section – Nylon Monofilament/Texturized 
  • Standard Colors –  Forrest Green

  • Coating Type(s) – Greenback or natural rubber

  • Perforations – No

  • Pile Height – 3/8”

  • Total Fabric Weight – 84 oz. / Square Yard

  • Fabric Width – 15 ft.


FusionCHIP is a very versatile golf product that can be used for a variety of golfing activities.  For dedicated practice areas, fringe cut, apron, chipping, and moderate pitch techniques can be practiced on this turf when installed with the appropriate padding  more…

  • Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer –  Nylon

  • Yarn Cross Section – Texturized Nylon

  • Standard Colors –  Forrest Green

  • Coating Type(s) – Greenback or natural rubber

  • Perforations – No

  • Pile Height – 9/16″

  • Total Fabric Weight – 107 oz / Square Yard.

  • Fabric Width – 12 ft.


FusionFRINGE HD is our most popular fringe and our value leader in fringe products.  Spectacular look and feel with many available custome colors to suit your landscape or team colors.  Designed for moderate chipping and pitching practice  more…

  • Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer –  Polyethylene
  • Secondary/Thatch Yarn Polymer – Polypropylene
  • Yarn Cross Section – Polyethylene Monofilament Classic Spine/Texturized Polypropylene
  • Standard Colors –  Field/Olive/Forrest
  • Additional Colors – Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Black
  • Fusion Turf Additional Colors
  • Coating Type(s) – Polyurethane
  • Perforations – Yes
  • Pile Height – 1 1/8”
  • Total Fabric Weight – 87 oz. / Square Yard
  • Fabric Width – 15 ft.


Backyard practice on FusionBUNKER EX will make getting up and down from the beach during your weekley money game as “easy as sunday morning”.  Designed with pile height and specially produced fibers to grab your club head and produce a realistic feel more… 

  • Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer –  Polypropylene 

  • Yarn Cross Section – Texturized Polypropylene

  • Standard Colors –  Sand

  • Coating Type(s) – Polyurethane

  • Perforations – No

  • Pile Height – 1 1/8”

  • Total Fabric Weight – 65 oz. . Square Yard

  • Fabric Width – 15 ft.

# of GALLONS OF WATER SAVED ANNUALLY by installing FusionTurf into ONE American Home.

# of 24 HOUR DAYS the average American spends cutting their grass over a lifetime.

# of MILES THE AVERAGE CAR must drive to equal the CO2 emitted by a lawnmower cutting ONE Lawn.

# of BARRELS OF CRUDE OIL required annually to produce the fertilizer for American Lawns.

# in MILLIONS of pounds of herbicides and insecticides used annual on the average lawn.

Average annual COST IN DOLLARS to have a landscaping contractor mow your lawn once per week.


No matter how you look at it, keeping a healthy lawn costs money and time. For example, watering your lawn at home makes up approximately 70% of your water bill each month. Fertilizers and herbicides keep the grass green but not your wallet and can be harmful to the environment.  Lawn maintenance services are convenient but certainly not cheap. If you don’t have a service then you lose your free time on the weekends, pay high fuel prices and maintain expensive lawn equipment. What is that worth?  

Consider that in any commercial application this scenario plays out and expands exponentially!  It could quite literally mean the difference between red and black at the end of the year or worse yet, bonus or no-bonus! 

Isn't it time to cut your high water bills, lose the expenses of maintenance, and fire the lawn service? 

 It’s time for FusionTurf for your landscape.

The FusionTurf Landscape System is designed to not only fuse” ground-breaking, natural looking and feeling synthetic lawn products with your landscape and lifestyle but also to help you control all the costs associated with maintaining your lawn.

The best synthetic lawn products, the best artificial turf installers, the best vision, the best customer experience.

FusionTurf gives you the perfect green lawn you’ve always wanted and saves you time, money, and the environment.

Back Yard Putting Greens and Synthetic Lawn Products.

As one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic lawn, FusionTurf prides itself on offering its customers a full range of turf products.  Our products are technologically superior to virtually all others on the market and include surfaces for:

  • Synthetic Lawn products for putting greens and golf courses.
    • FusionSPEED – Super fast!
    • FusionPRIME – Fast yet supple with capacity hold chips and approach shots.
    • FusionCHIP – Practice those in between shots.
    • FusionBUNKER – You guessed it, our bunker turf helps you practice those beach shots.
    • FusionFRINGE – Marries the putting surface to the surrounding areas
    • FusionFRINGE HD – Extends the putting surface to include a more complete practice experience allowing for more extensive chipping and pitching.
    • FusionFRINGE EX – Our premier fringe product.  Designed for robust approach shot practice

FusionTurf surfaced wear longer and stay beautiful to insure decades of use by our customers.  With some of the most technologically advanced grasses produced anywhere, and with so many options and so many design possibilities, your dreams and visions will be accomplished with FusionTurf.

Huge Selection of Synthetic Lawn and Artificial Turf Products

As one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic lawn, FusionTurf prides itself on offering its customers a full range of turf products.  Our products are technologically superior to virtually all others on the market and include surfaces for:

  • Synthetic Lawn products for landscaping projects
    • Zoysia Lawn
    • St. Augustine Lawn
    • Fescue Lawn
    • Centipede Lawn
  • Artificial lawn products for roof tops and decks to expand your and your pets’ outdoor space.  Especially designed for urban areas.
  • Artificial turf for Golf, Putting Greens, Bunkers, and Fringe
  • Fast draining and easy clean up artificial turfs for Pet Areas and pet enclosures that are not only extremely durable but contain anti-microbial properties that eliminate odors.
  • Playground Turfs and artificial lawns that are the standard of the industry in safety and fall ratings.
  • Agility Sports Synthetic Lawn and Turfs like the type that Crossfit Gyms and others use.
  • Indoor Sports Centers use our artificial soccer turfs that are designed to increase player performance while at the same time reducing injuries.
  • FusionTurf also installs and services commercial application products like:
    • Artificial turf for baseball, softball, tennis, golf, and football fields
    • Synthetic lawns for bocce ball, and large outdoor dog parks
    • Indoor applications of synthetic turf for commercial or residential buildings, as well as civic centers and large public utility spaces including government facilities.

FusionTurf surfaces wear longer and stay beautiful to insure decades of use by our customers.  With some of the most technologically advanced grasses produced anywhere, and with so many options and so many design possibilities, your dreams and visions will be accomplished with FusionTurf.

Your yard will be green and so will your neighbors... with envy.

While your neighbors next door are out pulling weeds, mowing the grass, and baking in the hot sun, you’ll be out on the back deck soaking up the rays, taking a dip in your pool, or practicing your stroke on that new putting green. 

Relaxing and enjoying a glass of iced tea is hard work but, having the best lawn on the block was never this easy.


Complete and Safe Playgound Surface System

Our synthetic playground turf is designed from the ground up for safety.  The turf systems we use are fully certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA). These systems combine everything from the underlayment and aggregate composition to the padding, turf, and infill.   

  • Completely antimicrobial
  • Consistent HIC safety ratings
  • Reduces allergic reactions
  • Eliminates ongoing maintenance
  • Meets ASTM F1292 12′ fall height
  • Environmentally friendly
Dog Runs are our Specialty

FusionTurf Artificial Grass for Dogs - Dogs are bound to love their new pet turf as much as regular grass, if not even more.  Dogs’ paws are sensitive to hard surfaces just like us.  Gravel and concrete dog runs are hard on their paws, and bare dirt is just downright messy.

With FusionTurf PET surfaces however, dogs will have a highly durable surface that’s soft to the touch.  FusionTurf artificial grass are designed with dogs in mind and to give you a beautiful lawn that’s sanitary and easy to clean.  Artificial Grass for dogs gives your pets (whether working dogs, hunting dogs, or just your best friend) a ground surface they can play on without harmful fertilizers or pesticides that could irritate their skin.  Plus, as a homeowner, you will love the mud-free lawn with the highly advanced drainage system.

Pet resorts, training facilities, Doggy Daycares, Pet Stores, Veterinarian Offices, dog parks, and many others can truly benefit with Synthetic Lawn or Artificial Turf for Dogs at their businesses.  Potential clients will see a dog lawn that is green all year.  Not a worn out patched together yard.  FusionTurf synthetic grass for dogs is built to handle the high flow of pet traffic and doesn’t yellow with pet urine.  In fact, its anti-microbial properties prevent odors and make clean ups a snap.

Pet businesses and homes alike will save in lawn maintenance costs with the elimination of mowing and watering and if you’re the DIY “designated lawn guy” you’ll get your weekends back as well!   FusionTurf artificial dog turf benefits are perfect for businesses and homes!  Get a quote today!


Synthetic Lawn and Artificial Turf for Roof Tops and Decks

For residential home owners in single family homes, condos, townhomes, and/or shared living spaces, roof tops and decks are sometimes and afterthought.

In commercial applications, the roof is often times considered a purely functional component of the structure that protects the building and it's customers/tenents from the elements.

At FusionTurf however, we see all these spaces as opportunities to help our customers transform previously unused outdoor space into a place where people can gather, mingle, and grow.

Consider the following applications.

  • Expanding an eatery to include a roof top deck would add floor space to increase revenue.  Imagine this roof top carpeted with super durable FusionROOF EX with a custom die-cut of your local school mascot!
  • How about creating a rehab walking space on the unused portion of a hospital roof?
  • For Condo HOAs converting the additional outdoor space already provided by your roof just makes sense.  Making it a social gathering spot, adding artificial plants (that we can provide also), bistro lights, and seating makes for wonderful summer evenings.  This solution is super low maintenance and increases the resale value of each and every unit.

FusionTURF Synthetic Lawn and Artificial Turf Products for roof top and outdoor deck applications are soft, safe, and comfortable to walk on.  The deep pile of our products make walking barefoot on them a joy.  Good for the environment, good for the people that use it everyday, our synthetic turf options are second to none. When installed on a roof top or deck, our artificial lawns create a bit of magic, tying together the outdoor space with an unexpected lushness and luxury.  Many of our customers say it produces something of a "very relaxing, stress free, and healing environment" associated with green spaces.  We agree but, we're probably a bit biased.  

Have us come out and take a look.  We'll provide you a very thorough quote and numerous samples to choose from.  

Less money, less time, saves water, and reduces emissions.

On average, the typical household in America uses over two-thirds of their monthly water consumption on the lawn.  Replacing those lawns with synthetic lawn could save about 56,000 gallons of water annually per household!  With water conservation becoming such a major concern in this country, many city water authorities are offering tax rebates for every square foot of natural sod you replace with artificial grass.

Not only does installing artificial turf save you money on your water bill though, if you are employing a landscaping service it saves you that expense as well.  The American Consumers Society says that for the average American that totals about $2,880 per year!  For those that do the yard work themselves, it saves them 48 days during their lifetime that they could be doing something else.  

And it just gets better.... or worse (depending on how you look at it).

Did you know that since lawn mowers do not have emission controls, that the average car has to drive 93 miles to emit the same amount of air pollution that is produced by ONE lawn mower mowing ONE American Yard?

Did you know that on an annual basis it takes almost 12 million of barrels of CRUDE OIL to produce the over 70 million pounds of fertilizer and herbicides used for American Lawns?  Much of which ends up in our oceans and waterways due to urban runoff.

Lastly, FusionTurf uses a significant amount of post-consumer recycled materials in the manufacture of its products so by installing our surfaces you're not only reducing carbon emission pollution and saving water, you are repurposing post consumer plastic waste.  That's a very good thing for our planet.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

FusionTurf is proud to offer our Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty.  This warranty is TRANSFERABLE to the next owner of your home within the first EIGHT YEARS and covers almost everything from discoloration to seperation.  Our distributors/installers will come out and inspect the installation or you can send us small sample of the affected area for us to inspect at the factory.

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