FusionROOF EX is our premier roof top and deck surface.  Tightly woven texturized nylon with the optional perforations for drainage make this the perfect  turf for a space shared by both people and pets.  Lush and beautiful it’s tightly woven structure makes it super easy to clean up after pets and and care for.  This product can be installed indoors or outdoors on concrete, compacted aggregate base, or properly prepared deck and roof sub surfaces.

  • Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer –  Nylon
  • Secondary/Thatch Yarn Polymer – Nylon
  • Yarn Cross Section – Nylon Texturized 
  • Standard Colors –  Field/Olive
  • Coating Type(s) – Polyurethane
  • Perforations – Optional
  • Pile Height – 1 1/4”
  • Total Fabric Weight – 87 oz.
  • Fabric Width – 12 ft.
Downloadable PDFs

Downloadable and printable spec sheets.

FusionROOF EX Spec Sheet

Seriously EPIC!


~Chris B. – Philadelphia, PA 2017

“Hey guys, thanks a million.  I know the job was small and kind of a pain (especially getting the turf up those narrow stairs) but my customers love it!  We strung some bistro lights like you suggested and literally got hit up that very day to hold an evening event that on the roof.  I'll send you more pictures. "


No longer moving.


~ Wendy & Carla... – Nashville, TN 2018

“Thanks guys, you did a really nice job.  We really liked our building but we were considering moving to another place because our flat had very limited outdoor space.  After we convinced the HOA to turf the roof, it opened up a huge number of possibilites.  We are no longer considering the move. "


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