Standard of the industry turf for indoor agility


FusionTurf’s ACCEL line of synthetic products for indoor agility and sports centers is designed to allow athletes to compete at the highest levels and engineered for maximum safety. 


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The multicolored yarn used in this product provides an authentic look that’s hard to find.  This product performs best with sand infill to hold its form and helps to prevent bunching under heavy “sled” loads.  more…

  • Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer –  Polypropylene
  • Yarn Cross Section – Texturized Polypropylene 
  • Standard Colors –  Viridian (12′ &15′) Forest Olive (15′ only)
  • Coating Type(s) – Polyurethane
  • Perforations – No
  • Pile Height – 9/16”
  • Total Fabric Weight – 57 oz.
  • Fabric Width – 12ft. and 15 ft.


FusionACCEL HD is one of our most popular and versatile surfaces.  No infill needed, making it ideal for indoor and/or portable applicaitons like garage type cross training gyms.  This product more…

  • Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer –  Polypropylene
  • Yarn Cross Section – Texturized Polypropylene
  • Standard Colors –  Pine, Viridian
  • Available Colors –  Clay, White, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Black
  • Fusion Turf FusionACCEL HD Colors
  • Coating Type(s) –5mm Polyurethane Foam
  • Perforations – No
  • Pile Height – 9/16”
  • Total Fabric Weight – 121 oz.
  • Fabric Width – 12 ft.


FusionACCEL EX is a non-rubber infilled turf that has all the advantages of previous generations and performs ever better in wear and resistance tests!  The blend of nylon and polyethylene yarns are an almost perfect 50/50 combination.  more…

  • Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer –  52% Polyethylene
  • Secondary/Thatch Yarn Polymer – 48% Nylon 
  • Yarn Cross Section – Polyethylene Slit Film / Texturized Nylon
  • Standard Colors –  Field Green, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black
  • Fusion Turf Additional Colors
  • Coating Type(s) – Polyurethane or 5mm Polyurathane Foam with Fleece.
  • Perforations – Custom Order Only
  • Pile Height – 3/4”
  • Total Fabric Weight – 67 oz.
  • Fabric Width – 15 ft.

Proudly Made in the USA

All of Fusion Turf’s surface products are proudly manufactured in the USA.   

Turf Council Certified

Synthetic Turf Council Certifed for our manufacturing processes.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

One the ONLY Manufacturers to offer a Limited Lifetime Commercial Warranty!

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~ Yasim M… – Scottsdale AZ 2019

“It’s tough when you’re just starting out, you don’t know anything!  You think you know but, until you actually do it, you’re just guessing.  The guys at FT helped me so much.  They coached me, guided me.  I was a “pigeon” as they say in my home country but these guys didn’t take advantage.  Because of this, I am a FusionTurf customer for life.”


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~ William P… – Albany NY 2018

“These guys are terrrific!  My first contractor fell through but, these guys came through!  I recommend FusionTurf.”


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Artificial Turf Indoor Sports and Agility Surfaces

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