Soft to the touch, long on durability


FusionTurf’s line of synthetic products for playgrounds, pre-schools, and virtually anywhere kids are is a favorite with both parents for its soft feel & safety and Administrators for its cost effectiveness and longevity.


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FusionPLAY is our value product that delivers like everyone else’s premium product! This is an excellent landscape product that  offers thatch, which provides added body, reducing the amount of infill needed. The four color blend of this surface provides a truly  authentic look and feel that resembles a natural  lawn. This product can be used for landscapes, more…

  • Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer –  Polyethylene
  • Secondary/Thatch Yarn Polymer – Polyethylene
  • Yarn Cross Section – Polyethylene Monofilament/Texturized Polyethylene
  • Standard Colors –  Field/Olive with Olive/Tan Thatch
  • Coating Type(s) – Polyurethane
  • Perforations – Yes
  • Pile Height – 1 1/2”
  • Total Fabric Weight – 79 oz.
  • Fabric Width – 15 ft.


FusionPLAY HD is our most popular playground turf that is incredible durable and still soft to the touch.  Available in a vareity of colors with custom logo designs to match school mascots, colors, and names.  This is an excellent playground surface offers deep thatch, which provides added body, reducing the amount of infill needed. more…

  • Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer –  Polyethylene
  • Secondary/Thatch Yarn Polymer – Polypropylene
  • Yarn Cross Section – Polyethylene Monofilament Classic Spine/Texturized Polypropylene
  • Standard Colors –  Field/Forest/Olive
  • Additional Colors – Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Black
  • Fusion Turf Additional Colors
  • Coating Type(s) – Polyurethane
  • Perforations – Yes
  • Pile Height – 1 1/8”
  • Total Fabric Weight – 87 oz/Sq. Yard
  • Fabric Width – 15 ft.


FusionPLAY EX is our longest wearing playground turf. Made with Nylon to stand up to the busiest of playgrounds. Installed in fast food restaurant chains, mall food courts, and very busy municiple centers, this turf resists wear as if it’s allergic to it.  Super fast draining and colorfast make this a great turf for outdoor applications. more…

  • Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer –  Nylon
  • Secondary/Thatch Yarn Polymer – Nylon
  • Yarn Cross Section – Nylon/Texturized Nylon
  • Standard Colors –  Field/Olive
  • Coating Type(s) – Polyurethane
  • Perforations – Optional
  • Pile Height – 1 1/4”
  • Total Fabric Weight – 87 oz./ Sq. Yard
  • Fabric Width – 12 ft.

Proudly Made in the USA

All of FusionTurf’s surface products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Turf Council Certified

Synthetic Turf Council Certifed for our manufacturing processes.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Commercial Warranty covers your investment.

Looks great!


~ Louisiana Children's Museum - LaFayette, LA 2019

“Fantastic install! The crew was super professional and very courteous which was great considering the number of children we have moving through the facility.  The product itself is first rate and the padding is soooo soft the staff wants to go out side and take a nap. Thanks again."


Muchas Gracias!


~ Plaza Dominica - South Florida 2017

“Thank you to the gentlemen that installed the playground turf.  We are a small boutique mall who use the playground to keep children entertained while their mothers shop.  The old rubber surface was staining the kids clothes and keeping shoppers away.  Tha's no longer a problem.  Thank you."


FusionTurf is ADA Compliant

All of FusionTurf's surface products ensure safety and accessibility across installations.

Envirofill Technology

Antimicrobial, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, infill stays cooler and cleaner.


FusionTURF Playground turf manufactured to IPEMA certifed specifications.

Top 6 Reasons you should install FusionTurf

# of GALLONS OF WATER SAVED ANNUALLY by installing FusionTurf into ONE American Home.

# of 24 HOUR DAYS the average American spends cutting their grass in a lifetime.

# of MILES THE AVERAGE CAR must drive to equal the CO2 produced by a lawnmower cutting ONE LAWN.

# of BARRELS OF CRUDE OIL required to annually produce fertilizer for American Lawns.

# of POUNDS of Herbicides, Pesticides, and Insecticides used annually in lawn care in America.

Average annual COST IN DOLLARS to have a landscaping contractor mow your lawn once per week.

Artificial Playground Turf and Synthetic Lawns

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