Limited Lifetime Warranty

We believe in our products.  We believe in being accountable.

You trusted us with your investment and built a project around our turf so we believe that if our products EVER fail you, that we should be part of the solution, not the problem.

FusionTurf is more than just a name, it’s a concept that drives us to “fuse” ground breaking, natural looking and feeling synthetic lawn products with your landscape and lifestyle.

The best products, the best installers, the best vision, the best customer experience.


FusionTurf is also a business ideal  that was developed out of the need for better service, better products, and better vision.  Having completed many projects “left unfinished” by our competitors over the years we knew we could be better.


We Are FusionTurf.

FusionTurf is proud to offer our Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty.  This warranty is TRANSFERABLE to the next owner of your home within the first EIGHT YEARS and covers almost everything from discoloration to separation.  Our distributors/installers will come out and inspect the job or you can send us a small sample of the affected area for us to inspect at the factory.

FusionTurf is proud to be one of the only manufacturers of turf to offer a Limited Lifetime Commercial Warranty. This warranty covers most commercial applications but does have limitations on some golf, pet, sports complex, field athletics, agility, and indoor sports complex installations. Check the details with you dealer.

Warranty Registration

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