Fusion St. Augustine HD

This is an excellent  landscape product that  offers thatch, which provides  added body, reducing the  amount of infill needed. The  four color blend of this  surface provides a truly  authentic look and feel that resembles a natural  lawn. This product can be  used for landscapes, pet  areas, fringes, and much more. This product  can be installed indoors or  outdoors on concrete or a  compacted aggregate base. 

  • Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer –  Polyethylene

  • Secondary/Thatch Yarn Polymer – Polypropylene
  • Yarn Cross Section – Polyethylene Monofilament/Texturized Polypropylene Monofilament

  • Standard Colors –  Field/Olive

  • Coating Type(s) – Polyurethane

  • Perforations – Yes

  • Pile Height – 2”

  • Total Fabric Weight – 92 oz.

  • Fabric Width – 15 ft.

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What our customers are saying~

“Hey guys, just wanted so say thank you!  You guys did a fantastic job and I’ll be using it tonight.  It rolls soooo true and there are so many different kinds of putts. I love it!  My backyard is open to you if you would like to show it in the future. ”

~ Scott W… – Philidelphia, PA 2019