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To improve the world through synthetic turf.


To promote industry excellence through guidelines, certifications, and other learning platforms.


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Why Synthetic Turf?


Outstanding Short film
56,000 Gallons of water

Watch TV Host Jason Cameron discuss the benefits of Synthetic Grass and how it can help you.


The story of synthetic turf in North America walks you from the early years of “Astro” turf through to today’s superior synthetic lawn products that are designed for performance and beauty.

What Customers Are Saying

I can't believe my own eyes.


~Walter J… – Arlington, VA 2018

“I was seriously considering just pouring cement over the eyesore that had become that back corner of the yard when my wife said "what about turf?".  Our friends across town had it installed and we liked it when we first saw it and when I called them they said they loved it.  FusionTurf came out and did a quote, 2 weeks later they ripped out bushes, prepped the ground and installed the turf.  Cheaper than concrete, better looking, and easy to care for.  It's a winner.”


Thank you FusionTurf


~ Gabi & Ivan J… – Miami FL 2018

“Thank you so much.   Your team did a great job.  Living on the water in Miami makes growing anythng very difficult.  We either had sand or mud all year with no in between.  It made enjoying the pool really tough.   After you guys installed the turf it changed our lifestyle pretty dramatically. Now we spend almost every weekend by the pool.  I'll call you next month for a putting green, after I get my bonus. LOL.  Feel free to use all the pictures I sent."


Backyard Putting Greens and Synthetic Golf Turf

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